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09 Jul 2005

   Dragon Reloaded - Breaking Hundred Thousand Box Office

07 Jul 2005

   Dragon Reloaded - Celebration Dinner

23 Jun 2005

   The success of the Gala Premier of Dragon Reloaded

02 Jun 2005

   Joe Ma Latest Movie - Embrace Your Shadow

21 Apr 2005

   The First Press Conference of Dragon Squad

06 Mar 2005

   Awards received for the movie "Beyond Our Ken" during the 10th Golden Bauhinia Awards.

26 Jan 2005

   "Beyond Our Ken" has been nominated for a total of 4 awards for the 10th Golden Bauhinina Awards

19 Jan 2005

   Mei Ah production: "It Had To Be You"

30 Aug 2004

   Film Festivals Timetable (MeiAh Films)

16 Jun 2004

   "The Foliage" won an award as Best Actress (Shu Qi) in the 13th Yong Le Cup Shanghai Film Critics Awards in China.

27 Apr 2004

   Awards received for the movies "PTU" and "Diva Ah Hey" during The 4th Chinese Film Media Awards

06 Apr 2004

   Awards received for the movies "PTU" and "Men Suddenly In Black" during The 23rd HKFA

29 Mar 2004

   "PTU" storm the 9th Golden Bauhinina Awards

13 Feb 2004

   Mei Ah have 3 movies (PTU/Men Suddenly In Black/Diva, Ah Hey) nominated for The 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards.

16 Jan 2004

   "PTU" won the Best Director (Jonnie To) Award in The Tenth Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

15 Dec 2003

   "PTU" won the Best Original Screenplay at Golden Horse ceremony

03 Nov 2003

   40th Golden Horse Film Festival Nominated Awards of PTU & Men Suddenly In Black

24 Jun 2003

   PTU wins great awards

15 Jun 2003

   Asian Tradewinds Award: PTU

03 Apr 2003

   The Opening Films for the The 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival are respectively, PTU

13 Nov 2002

   Congradulations!...Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster has won the Best Editoring Award of Milan International Film Festival

12 Sep 2002

   "Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster" have been selected for the coming Milan International Film Festival (Main Feature Competition)

12 Apr 2001

   BA granted satellite licence to MATV


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