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  The First Press Conference of Dragon Squad

The first Press Conference of ¡§Dragon Squad¡¨ was held yesterday. On the opening, stunt coordinator Chin Ka Lok led others to perform a series of actions which gained a round of applause. After it, three producers of ¡§Dragon Squad¡¨ presented a speech to show their gratitude and expectations of the film. Patrick Tong, representative of Mei Ah Film Production Company Limited presented that he has great confidence in ¡§Dragon Squad¡¨ because it is a valuable film which included the elites from China, Hong Kong, Korea and America. Moreover, Director Daniel Lee is specialized in directing action movies. Among the actors, Vanness Wu from the popular Taiwanese band F4, has showed his impressive performance in his debut film ¡¨Star Runner¡¨, and has been nominated as the Best New Performer in the Hong Kong Film Awards. Besides, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Shawn Yue and Xia Yu etc are actors that full of charisma, and good at actions. Although ¡§Dragon Squad¡¨ is still under production, the production company has made a trailer for local and foreign media to preview. ¡§Dragon Squad¡¨ is about a group of youthful Interpol agents travel to Hong Kong to give evidence at the trial of a notorious crime lord. But a team of master criminals captures the crime lord, and so a battle between white and black begins.

Mei Ah Film

(21 Apr 2005)

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