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Chinese Film Title: 超班寶
Director: Cha Chuen Yee
English Film Title: Superkid Casting: Cho Jeongeun, Harashima Daichi, Gordon Lam, Kristal Tin, Amy Yan
Showing Date: 16/02/2006

Kid movie is a rare genre in the Hong Kong movie industry. " Superkid", helmed by Cha Chuen-yee of the box-office hit "Once Upon A Time In Triad Society", is a kiddie flick concocted by a mixture of sci-fi stuff and family movie ingredients. Cha has proved himself capable of managing this kind of offbeat subject and is also adept in directing children's acting. Si Zhe, played by a Japanese boy Harashima, is a superkid. Not because he is born with an IQ equal to that of Albert Einstein. He is actually manufactured by feeding with a miracle children food called "Super Baby". The food makes Si Zhe a super genius child who can easily outwit the adults around him. Behind all this, there is a conspiracy to control the superkids in order to control the world. Si Zhe, after knowing the vicious plan, would turn into a super hero to defeat the bad guys.

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