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Movie::Playboy Cops

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Chinese Film Title: 花花型警
Director: Jingle Ma
English Film Title: Playboy Cops Casting: Shawn Yue, Chen Kun, Shaun Tam, Linda Chung
Showing Date: 28/02/2008
Offical Site: http://playboycops.meiah.com/

An extremely brutal armed robbery case has brought two very unusual young detectives together in Hong Kong. Both men have been known not to follow the usual rules of conduct in solving crimes. Lincoln, the younger brother of the deceased, an ex-policeman in China, has sworn to find the man who has murdered his brother. While he investigates the murder on his own in Hong Kong, he meets Michael, a CID officer on suspension. Michael has often been warned against insubordination, and for pulling stunts such as using his own private helicopter to capture criminals on the run.

To be honest, Michael could not care less for Lincoln whom he finds a little too gentlemanly that it’s almost effeminate. But fate has it that Lincoln has taken a fancy for Lisa, Michael’s ex-girlfriend, and that has made him very jealous. Michael cuts a deal with Lincoln. If Michael helps him capture the person who murdered his brother, Lincoln will head straight back to China and stop pursuing Lisa.

Michael comes from a very wealthy family. The use of his private helicopter during his case is just one of many bizarre things he would do in the course of his work. With his wealth, he has also amassed the largest network of informers. Lincoln is no poor slob either. He has inherited his deceased brother’s business and his Sawadee Luxury Club for the rich and famous, but he chooses not to use his wealth but his keen ability to extract information from people through careful listening and clever questioning. With their combined approaches, they come out with one name. A person that goes by "Rat"!

Rat claims that he witnessed the murder of Lincoln’s brother. The murderer has a scorpion tattooed on his back. With that information, their further investigation leads them to one possible suspect. They were quite certain that he’s their man when they find out that he is but a ruse planted by the real murderer. More troubles lie ahead.

While Michael and Lincoln started out hating each other’s guts, they soon become rather chummy with each other as they go through a series of life threatening events.

Finally, they manage to obtain a short video from Rat’s girlfriend that reveals to them that Lincoln’s brother wasn’t murdered while he was being robbed but had been the specific target of a murder, and the prime suspect is the loyal manager, David, that works at Lincoln’ brother’s club.

It is the Luxury Club’s annual Summer cruise party. David is busy hosting the event on board, entertaining the many wealthy guests. Michael and Lincoln are certain that he can’t get away. In an unexpected turn of events, the cruise ship is seized by a group of robbers and all the guests are held captive for ransom. David is killed on the spot. To Michael’s surprise, his father happens to be one of the guests on the cruise as well.

The robbers demand ransom from all the families of the rich guests. Michael doesn’t think much of the amount and is more than willing to pay up for the safety of his father. But to his shock, he finds out that his father is bankrupt. Michael fears for his father’s life. Without his wealth, Michael is forced to deal with the matter on his own merit, driven only by his determination to save his father. This greatly changes Michael’s perspective on his life.

While Michael is cracking his brains to save his father, we find out that David isn’t dead. The whole cruise operation has been David’s revenge against the wealthy.

Michael and Lincoln starts to plot against David but just as they are putting their plan together, Lisa is captured by David and being tortured savagely.

The two men are ever so determined to bring David to justice. Their common goal bonds them together to form a dynamic duo. This energy that drives them also signals the start of their transformation from as Playboy to Professional Policeman in life!

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