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Movie::The Moss

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Chinese Film Title: 青苔
Director: Derek Kwok
English Film Title: The Moss Casting: Shawn Yue, Bonnie Xian, Louis Fan
Showing Date: 29/05/2008
Offical Site: http://moss.meiah.com/

Moss was an apathetic policeman who chose to be an undercover "john" to catch illegal prostitutes. He liked this job because it was less dangerous and gave him pleasure. Everything changed when he met LuLu, a prostitute from China. He arrested her, and met her again three months later. He liked to be with her, but he wasn’t sure if it was love.
One day, Moss chased after a wicked client who tortured LuLu, by which he discovered a firearm site by chance. He became a hero at the Police Station. But this was not what he cared. He just wanted to track down the criminal, even if he would pay a big price. He was so determined because LuLu might be carrying his baby….

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