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Movie::Butterfly Lovers

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Chinese Film Title: 武俠梁
Director: Jingle Ma
English Film Title: Butterfly Lovers Casting: Charlene Choi, Wu Chun, Wu Ge
Showing Date: 09/10/2008
Offical Site: http://www.butterflyloversmovie.com/


Preface: Destiny, like butterflies, can be short-lived and yet beautiful. Legend has it that a golden couple from the celestial skies committed the gravest mistake and was banished to the mortal world. Their punishment: They are to fall madly in love with each other over ten life times but only to end in painful separation each time around. There was a similar heart wrenching love story that happened during the period of East Jun Dynasty in the world of the martial arts between Liang Zhong Shan (Shan) and Zhu Yen Zhi (Zhi)… a powerful story of love against all odds.

Zhi is the eldest daughter of a successful winery. Bubbly and cheerful, Zhi often goes to town dressed as a guy as no good daughter from a well-to-do family should ever be seen gallivanting about town. Together with her maid, they would sneak out of the house on little adventures to the city.

In building his business years ago, Zhi's father Zhu Gong Yuan (Yuan) had made enemy with Qian Rong Wei (Wei). Many years today, Wei is now a high magistrate and he vows to seek revenge on Yuan. He accuses Yuan of ill-business practice in an attempt to seize Yuan's wine business and he even declares that he will make Zhi one of his many wives. Lucky for Zhi, an upcoming general, General Ma, who is infatuated with her comes to her rescue. While General Ma seeks help from higher authorities, he commands his side kick Chao Fang (Fang) to ensure Zhi's safety. Yuan decides to send his daughter to take refuge at the Happy Valley where his best friend Physician Tou (Tou) from Happy Swordsman Clan resides. On her way to the valley, Zhi dresses up like a man and finally meets Shan. She recognizes him assisting the authorities in capturing a big time robber. She's smitten by his bravery. Over time, they become good friends.

One day, Zhi injures herself and Shan has to carry her down the hill to seek treatment. On the way down, Shan discovers that Zhi is a girl by accident and that is the beginning of their relationship. About the same time, General Ma scores a triple promotion from his superior General Tie for the assassination of Counselor Wen. He goes off to the valley to share the good news with Zhi only to be sadden by the developing romance between Zhi and Shan. He decides to ask Zhi's father for a hand in marriage which her father readily agrees.

Zhi is summoned to return home by her father not knowing about her marriage to General Ma. Shan walks Zhi a short a distance to send her off. As they pass by the Butterfly Valley, they declare their love for each other and with the blessings from his Master, Shan promises to visit Zhi shortly to ask her father for his permission to marry her. So when Zhi arrives home, she is shocked to find out what has transpired. She refuses to marry General Ma and is locked up in the barn.

Shan is equally shocked to hear the news. After much difficulty, Zhi manages to sneak out to the backyard to meet Shan. They devise a plan to elope. Zhi goes back to her parents and pretends agreeing to marry General Ma and request to go to the temple for a blessing to the marriage. In fact, they will then meet at the temple and run away together. However, General Ma hears wind of their plans and threatens Zhi with the lives of her parents and Shan. He wants Zhi to break up with Shan and to tell him she doesn't love him anymore. Zhi has no choice but to agree.

Zhi is resigned to her fate. She feels like a prisoner in the Ma residence waiting for the wedding day to come. Just at that moment, Physician Tou from the Happy Valley offers her a solution to her problem. He hands her a bottle of a powerful drug that will help her feign death for a short period. On his way out of the Ma residence to inform Shan of the plan, he is spotted by General Ma's side kick Fang who kills him. Zhi immediately downs the drug as instructed and ‘dies'. General Ma is shattered by Zhi's death. On hearing the news, Shan is not only devastated but angry. He charges into the Ma residence to retrieve Zhi's body, not wanting her body to be subjected to any possible humiliation from the Ma family. General Ma and his side kick try to stop him. Miraculously, just when Shan is totally trashed and wounded, a swarm of butterflies appear to help Shan defeat and kill General Ma and his sidekick.

Shan is determined never to be separated from Zhi. He carries Zhi back to the Butterfly Valley, the place where they had sworn their love for each other, and there he dies. Zhi slowly rouses, and is shocked to see Shan dead beside her. She cries out and hugs his body close to her. She cannot believe what has happened. There's only one thing she can do now if she wants to be with Shan forever. Tears are in their eyes, she doesn't struggle and just lets the people go on the burial of Shan and her together…

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