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Movie::High Noon

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Chinese Film Title: 烈日當
Director: Heiward MAK
English Film Title: High Noon Casting: Lam Yiu Sing, Anjo Leung, Sham Ka Ki, Jeremy Liu, Rex Wu, Chan Yiu Wing, Huen Tin Yeung
Showing Date: 06/11/2008

While the world was welcoming for the Beijing Olympic Game, students in Hong Kong were busying to combat with the battle: O-level exam, 9 characters, in their adolescence age, were lost in the virtual and cruel reality that filled with sms, internet and materialism. The brittle and impetuous souls were touched by each other, with love and freedom that exclusively belongs to the youth. Crumbled friendship, frail lover affair, complicated family, strikes between life and death, wear away the teenager’s heart in split second! Crying out loud for the aspiration for freedom under the sun! Honestly rise in the High Noon!

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