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Movie::Marriage With A Fool

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Chinese Film Title: 獨家試愛
Director: Ye Nian Chen
English Film Title: Marriage With A Fool Casting: Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Pace Wu
Showing Date: 23/03/2006

"Marriage With A Fool" is another piece of melodrama on the love affairs of young people in Hong Kong from writer-director Yip Lim-sum after the success of "My Sweetie" in 2004. Wah (Alex Fong) and Bobo (Stephy Tang) are a newly wedded couple who find their marriage shattered to pieces overnight. Like so many young couples who rush to the church to vow before God that they love each other so deep that they wish to be tied together forever, Wah and Bobo forget that they are just plain human beings, flawed and selfish. They forget that the bliss of love (or sex) does not guarantee a perfect marriage. To make it worse, Wah's ex-girlfriend unexpectedly intrudes into their little world. Cheating, suspicion and fights become the routine of their life. The young ones have a long way to go to understand the true meaning of marriage.

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