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Chinese Film Title:
Director: Kenneth Bi
English Film Title: Girl$ Casting: Bonnie Xian, Michelle, Venus Wong, Una Lin
Showing Date: 02/09/2010

Gucci is a 16-year-old girl obsessed with a limited edition Gucci bag. She decides to sell her virginity to pay for the bag, starting a bidding war on the internet for it. Which is worth more to her? The Gucci bag or her virginity? Without hesitating, "The Gucci bag."

Icy is an "agent" in the compensated dating industry. Although there are rumors of a client spreading the HIV virus among the girls, Icy decides to take the risks and gets back into business because she needs to buy a new computer for her boyfriend. She holds her love for her boyfriend as the most sacred part of her seedy life.

Born into a wealthy family, Ronnie has everything she wants but her heart desires more. To look for excitement, she enters the world of "compensated dating" through Icy’s persuading. She turns out to the darling of the internet "dating" forums. A diamond in the rough, she pushes herself to extremes to discover her true mettle.

Estranged from her family, Lin, sees compensated dating as all fun and games. She can choose her clients to fulfil her insatiable appetitie while being paid for it. When she finally falls in love with one of the clients…this "Me Generation" poster-girl finds she is no longer in control of her life…

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