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Movie::Love Undercover 3

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Chinese Film Title: 新紮師妹3
Director: Joe Ma
English Film Title: Love Undercover 3 Casting: Fiona Sit, Takuya Suzuki, Sammy Leung, Raymond Wong, Hui Siu Hung
Showing Date: 29/06/2006

This is the third of director Joe Ma's "Love Undercover" franchise. In 2002, the first "Love Undercover" received rave reception from the audiences for its hilarity and wackiness. It made a hit at the box-office and helped shooting the singer-actor Miriam Yeung to superstardom. In this third assignment, Joe Ma's stick to his success formula: putting a bunch of wacky characters into a wacky plot, and let them act out all the wacky stunts. The heroin Miriam Yeung in the first is now replaced by Fiona Sit Hoi-kei. She too is a clumsy, innocent girl with a lot of fancy dreams, but no practical target in life. Her enrollment to the police force does not do her any good, but only to be used by the bad guys to achieve their sinister goals. In the end, she has to go through all the ups and downs to understand what real life is.

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