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Movie::Mysterious Island

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Chinese Film Title: 孤島驚魂
Director: Chung Kai Cheong
English Film Title: Mysterious Island Casting: Jordan Chan, Mini Yang
Showing Date: 07/07/2011

A group of attractive young strangers joined a "survival game" led by a TV host and a photographer on a remote desert island. Among them were Peng Fei (by Chen Xiaochun) and Yi Lin (by Yang Mi). Each person had his or her own agenda, but was chasing after a common goal: one million dollars prize! Greed drove them to plot against each other tit for tat the moment they boarded the boat, yet lust was still brewing among the youngsters under the blue sky on the vast sea. No one sensed the danger crawling near.

Dense fog on the beach, bizarre shipwreck, jungle full of traps and numerous sign of death indicated that this was by no means a simple "game". Yet temptation of the money overtook the fear of death. A map unveiled the mystery of the island and hinted the hidden treasure, but it also opened a door to death.

The survival game became a race to escape death. The only refuge turned out to be a grave: an abandoned leprosy hospital with a century old death curse. Each time the mysterious urn cracked open, a killing was followed. One after another, the teammates dropped dead as the supernatural events escalating. Horror haunted the entire island.

With the clock ticking, the truth will surface as the death coming to an end. Could anyone survive this "survival game"? You will find the answer in the last minute…

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