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Movie::Men Suddenly In Black 2

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Chinese Film Title: 大丈夫2
Director: Zhong Qing
English Film Title: Men Suddenly In Black 2 Casting: Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Cheung Tat Ming, Wong Yau Nam, Teresa Mo, Marsha Yuan, Josie Ho, Gia Lin
Showing Date: 14/09/2006
Offical Site: http://msib2.meiah.com/

A follow-up to the box-office hit "Men Suddenly In Black" of 2003. The game of husbands cheating their wives and the wives chasing their husbands in the first one remains the core of the story. Only that the players change their roles: this time, it is the wives who cheat and the husbands chasing at their backs. Other than the motive to take revenge on their husbands, the wives believe that by cheating on their husbands, they can force the men to reflect on their acts of infidelity. It could also make them experience the hard feeling of being betrayed. It seems so logical and practicable. Like the first film, all the cheating and chasing come to no avail in terms of solving their marital problems. The war between two sexes will go on until the end of the world.

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