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Movie::Dancing Lion

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Chinese Film Title: 醒獅
Director: Francis Ng, Marco Mak
English Film Title: Dancing Lion Casting: Francis Ng, Anthony Wong, Teresa Mo, Lam Tze Chung, Gia Lin, Hins Cheung
Showing Date: 26/04/2007
Offical Site: http://dancinglion.meiah.com/

After they lose their job, Kai and Kui becomes famous Lion Dance performer by chance. Kai’s sister Sam Mui sees the opportunity to make great profit, opened a school teaching lion dance to kids, which is a huge success. Lion Dance becomes the hippest business in town, competitors emerge and price war take place. Sam Mui then opens a "Weight loss lion dance" class and operates a pyramid scheme, all of which have made good profit. Uncle Tenth is ashamed of his families’ actions and try to persuade them to take Lion Dance seriously, instead he got scolded as being old-fashioned and stubborn. Feeling heart broken, Uncle Tenth leave for Mainland China.

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